Vital statistics
Position Assistant(Currently), Sacred One(Currently), Mentor(Currently)
Age 110(Wolf Form), 25(Human State)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'5(Human), 85 cm (Wolf)
Weight 145(Human), 75 lb.(Wolf)

Blaz Alden is a Shape-shifting Human/Gray Wolf who is the assistant to Vedis as well as the second Sacred Ones and the oldest Member. He assists Vedis in leading the Divine Veris Forest and can be usually seen always near her, in both human and espeically animal form. As a Human he owns and manages the Veris Library and drives a cheap beat up Ford Truck as his mode of transportation. His shape-shifting form is a large Gray Wolf with a white collar mark around his neck as well as four rings around each of his legs confirming his Sacred Status. He is without a Mate in Wolf form, in Human form he is in love with Vedis.

Appearance Edit

Blaz in his human form is a tall, good-looking man, with sharp, piercing blue eyes, black hair, a strong jaw, lanky build although he is much stronger looking in his wolf form, and wears a mix of clothing, although tends to wear a grey hoodie at all times. He wears two bracelets on each wrist, to cover his white ring markings around his wrists, has his hoodie to cover the collar mark around his neck, and his shoes cover the rings on his ankles.

In his wolf form he is a large Gray wolf, with grey coloring all around although it is darker nearing the top of his body minus the white collar around his neck and the four white rings around his legs. He has a torn left ear, and a hole at the top of his right ear. He has his piercing blue eyes in this form, and his good looks also succumb to his wolf form as he is constantly being awed upon by female wolves and humans alike.

Personality Edit

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