Vital statistics
Position Member of the Sacred Ones, Summoner
Age 15(Dog Form), 19(Human State)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'1(Human), 62 cm (Dog)
Weight 142 (Human), 80 lb.(Dog)

Connor Sumner is a shape-shifting human/Dog who is a member of the Sacred Ones and a Summoner of other animals. He is loyal beyond a doubt towards Vedis, and would sacrifice his life for her's without thinking twice about his own life. As a human he is employed at a Grocery Store as a Cashier and can summon animals in either form he is in, he is the only Sacred One who can use his powers in either form. He drives an old white Mustang, which belonged to his deceased father, as his means of transportation. He does not have a mate in his Dog form but does have a girlfriend in his human form.

Appearance Edit

Conner is normal in terms of appearance, easily blending in with the regular crowd of people with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, tall, slender built with visible muscles and abs underneath his clothing, which is also quite normal with the exception of making the white marking around his neck into a tattoo. It is covered with blue colored flowers and green leaves, around his entire neck, as a remembrance of his grandmother who died ten years ago. He does not wear a ring, nor any type of jewelry on his person either.

In his animal form he is a yellow Labrador Retriever, tall but smaller than Blaz in height. He still retains his blue eyes and his white ring marking is the only thing different about him. He is the only Sacred one, other than Sia another member of the SO's, who don't have any scars as an animal.

Personality Edit

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