Vital statistics
Position Healer

Member of the Second Sacred Ones(Currently)

Member of the First Generation Sacred Ones(Formerly)

Age 55(Doe Form), 20(Human State)
Status Alive, Born again by Silvia


Physical attributes
Height 5'8(Human), 110 cm (Deer)
Weight 135(Human) 190 lb.(Deer)

Rya Renanta is a shape-shifter human/deer who is a member of the Sacred Ones as well as a Healer. She was killed in a car accident when she was in her fifty's and was a member of the First Generation Sacred Ones at the time. Instead of rising to heaven, she was granted a second life and the position as a second generation Sacred one by Silvia, a witch who oversees the SO's, she agreed to a second life and became born again as a twenty-year old Human Healer, as well as shifting into a Deer. Because she accepted a second chance at life she is the only Sacred one who is unable to age and so she is forever trapped as a twenty year old until she is killed again. As a human she works at Veris Library along with Vedis and Blaz and her shape-shifting form is an old white-tailed Doe, which corresponds to the timing of her Death in her previous life. She has a mate, a white tailed Stag named Oliver.

Appearance Edit

In Rya's reborn Human state she is tall, beautiful, slim, soft brown eyes with elbow length brown hair, high cheekbones and has an air of maturity- although this is due to her previous life as an odler woman- and she wears mostly dresses due to her love for them previously as well as able to easily run around in them if she has too. Rya wears a brown, leather choker to cover the white mark around her neck, wears a doe ring on her first right finger, and the same dream catcher as Vedis around her neck. She can be seen wearing forest like earrings, leaves, berries, and trees, this is the same for other pieces of jewelry she wears on her person.

In her Doe form, she is an old white-tailed deer, tall with a light brown pelt, darker brown hoofs, and a pale underbelly. Her tail is completely white, the ring around her neck is also completely white, and there is a large lightning bolt scar across her chest that mirrors the death wound she sustained in the car accident, which incidentlyly killed her. She is slow in her animal form and when is healing someone, a yellowish/pale color glows around Rya.

In her previous human life she was fifty-five years old, tall, with aging lines everywhere on her face, wore pinstripe suits all the time and was single at the time of her death. As a member of the first Generation SO's, the white ring was around her wedding ring ringer, which she covered with a handmade leather ring. This ring is never seen again after her death and when she is brought back to life.

Personality Edit

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