Vital statistics
Position Witch


Mentor(Currently) Human(In a Flashback)

Age Over 3000, maybe older
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'3
Weight 95 lb.
Silvia is a witch who has been alive for more than 3000 years, even more, and has been a guide for the Sacred Ones of both the first generation and now the second generation. How she became a guide or a witch is unknown as in a flashback it reveals she was once human. She is the oldest known otherworldly species other than a GOD who has no name at said time. Silvia is the smallest character in the entire series and at this point the strongest. She gave Rya a second chance at life when she was killed in a car accident. Silvia is the only one who seems to know about Rosalba's true nature.

Appearance Edit

Silvia is a tiny witch, only about 4'3, and weighs 95 pounds. She is usually seen riding on a purple pillow with hanging fringe on each corner, legs criss-crossed and hands either down in her lap or up in a kitty cat position. ~~~~

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