Vital statistics
Position Leader(Currently), Sacred One(Currently), Apprentice(Former)
Age 105(Owl Form), 21(Human State)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'7 1/2
Weight 135(Human), 2.64 lb.(Owl)

Vedis Veda is a shape-shifting Human/Owl who is the Leader amongst the Sacred Ones, as well as one of the first Sacred Ones, and the second oldest Member. She leads the Divine Veris Forest, after the death of her Father, although has some reservations on how to properly lead. As a human she works as a Librarian at the Veris Library and rides a bike as a mode of Transportation. Her shape-shifting form takes of a large Great Grey Owl with several scars on her body, as well as a white mark around her neck- comfirming her Sacred One status. She is without a Mate as of now.

Appearance Edit

Vedis in her human form takes on the appearance of a normal human girl with a slender frame, long black hair with grey streaks, to mirror her grey coloring in her owl form, bright gold eyes, and tends to wear jeans, converse, and long-sleeved shirts. Vedis wears a white scarf- to cover the white collar like mark around her neck, and owl ring on her right 4th finger and a dream catcher necklace. She can be seen with a grey backpack, grey bike, and several of her belongings are grey and gold in color to match her owl form.

In her Owl From she is a large female Great Grey Owl, with bright gold eyes, and grey plumage. She has a white collar mark around her neck, an 'X' shaped scar across her chest and a large scar above her left eye that carves into her black beak. She has large black talons, and a black beak, which is unusual for a Great Grey Owl, but due to an incident that happened years piror to the story with one of the Veda's infuriating a witch, their beak has becmee black to mirror their somewhat black hearts and souls.

Personality Edit

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